Photo Hobby

I have a semi-sustained interest in photography and videography. Periodically I bust out the DSLR to get some photos but I almost exclusively use it for trips. My wife and I try and do a nature trip every few years, the most recent of which was to the Amazon and Galapagos, the upcoming one to Madagascar this August.

A stitched panorama from Ecudorian Amaszon.

A stitched panorama from Ecudorian Amaszon.

My days in cmuTV taught me a lot about photography as did a long trip to Scotland in 2009. Back then I had a little HDV camcorder from Sony that shot decent stills and fantastic video (though it is currently quite broken in my closet). I have a very simple kit now with a mid-range Nikon and 2 lenses (18-55 and 70-300). These provided me with decent enough reach in the Galapagos (the animals are pretty close to you in general) but I have thought about getting a longer lens for our next rip. Now I shamelessly post some of my favorite photos from my last few trips.

Here we go

I at one point had the desire to do a fun little semi-intellectual section for the website for a while now about doing statistics badly. Not to demonstrate the correct ways to do stats necessarily, but more so that I can write more about statistics in a fun way. I do stats badly all the time, sometimes in fun ways and sometimes in frustrating ways. As anyone who may has spoken to me about R, my main frustration is the difficulty in importing data and then transforming it into different formats (I'm looking at you igraph, yuck). I've learned a lot about doing this stuff better over the last 6 months (thanks to my friend Luke for recommending courses which are pretty nice). I don’t think I’m going to keep to a stats only focus in this part of the site, but thought I’d leave this original post.

I was also inspired seeing this Harry Plotter project. What I show here likely won't be that interesting but we'll see where it takes us. There will also be occasional forays into actual stats I actually did (albeit badly). Below is a snippet of code I wrote a long time ago because I was very angry at my inability to get a for loop to work properly (the r file is basically just this stuff and it's 167 Kb, double yuck).

Bad Code 1.PNG