Courses have taught at Umass Dartmouth

Project Team Management (MGT 331)

Managers fulfill two functions in their project teams, technical roles and sociocultural roles. In this course, I cover both aspects of a project manager's duties and the ways to be the most productive in each. We discuss risk management, project planning, scheduling, and assessments as well as leadership, negotiation, and successful team formation. Students leave this class with a fuller understanding of the demands on managers and how to deal with the most common problems they will face. This is a service-learning course with a large aspect of the course being a semester long project where teams better the community. Not only does this provide a good, we discuss issues or strategies that they are likely currently facing at each phase of the project.


Organizational Learning and Leadership (Special Topics)

In this readings course, students read academic and managerial focused literature on what it means for an organization to learn and how effective leaders leverage learning to make their organizations excel. We begin with the fundamentals on organization learning and how best to gain and retain that knowledge. We then segue into how leaders should best create learning within their organizations and challenges leaders often face.