Simply Beginning

With this blog, I have a few concrete goals, some less firm, and many other things that I am unsure I quite grasp.

I have wanted to begin a blog for some time to improve my writing, increase the amount I write, and develop the skills to share science with other audiences. I am not a big reader of popular scientific press so I am going to do my best to keep things as tangible as possible.

In this blog, I will write a summary of one scientific article each weekday with the goal of choosing articles that collectively tell a story and explaining the work and why it is important in a way that most anyone can understand.

About me: I am a PhD candidate at a research university in the Mid-Atlantic US. I had been interested in psychology for a while before I looked at graduate schools but it was actually <1 year between when I switched my undergraduate major to Psychology to when I was applying to PhD programs in Organizational Behavior (OB). OB is social psych with a management bent, very similar but researchers are typically more interested in the relevance of findings to organizational policy and practice.

My first post will come tomorrow, we shall see.